Thanks, Tony.

For my 18th birthday, I wanted to go to Les Halles. Not that I could afford any decent cut of steak, but for the chance to bump into my hero. I knew he didn’t work there anymore, but I kept up hopes he’d stop in and I could tell him ‘No Reservations’ took up every spot on my DVR.

That year is still is the hardest and loneliest time of my life and Bourdain’s travels were some of the only things that could take my mind off the chaos happening around me… but it wasn’t just a distraction — I believe he changed the way I grew up.

Here was this girl, 18, truly terrified of everything — entranced by this rock star who traveled the world, met incredible people and all the while, stayed humble.

Who could’ve seen that over the next few years, I would travel the world on my own? Become just as opinionated and unapologetic? That I would demand a bifana at the Feast of St. Anthony in Lisbon, eat red ants in a garlic sauce in Cambodia… it was all in no small part, because of him.


Thank you, Tony. For fighting for women, for inspiring me to bloom. I’ve always wanted to write just like you. Share a bottle of wine and pick your brain about how to be honest and yet still connect with absolutely everyone. I made so many of my friends watch ‘Parts Unknown’ in hopes of maybe getting a better understanding of why I’m me.

The lessons you taught me still guide the way I live my life; I am always striving to hold onto humility and be an empty glass, because of you. I hope the eats are delectable and the beer is cold, wherever you are. I look forward to sharing that bottle of wine.

If you or anyone you know is considering suicide or self-harm or is anxious, depressed, upset, or needs to talk, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text the Crisis Text Line at 741-741.


Written For TV

At my core, I’m a writer. On any given day I am the thesaurus and editor and AP stylebook for my team … and while no one lets me off the hook for being such a blatant writing geek, serving that role is one I’m most proud of.

However, the most fulfilling part of my job is covering “The View” for ABC News. In many ways, it’s just like my position at PIX 11. I’m covering any and all topics, from the most tawdry entertainment stories to breaking political developments. It’s fast-paced, tons of research is involved, and at many points, stressful as hell. I’m left to build out a story in the most beautiful and interesting way I can, on my own. I’m following through by researching, verbating, writing, publishing, offering and socializing every story myself.

Unlike my scrappy methods in local news, there are many steps of filtration where our wonderful editors, legal and standards teams approve work — and learning that protocol and chain of command has been a humbling and edifying experience for me.

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Emmy. Nominated. (Part 1)

A little late on this … but I got nominated for an Emmy Award.

Off the bat, I want to say I recognize proportionately little of my own work brought me here. I put in work and the rest was luck and people who loved me, gave me a chance and lifted me up.

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Emmy. Nominated. (Part 2)

On September 24, 2015, Pope Francis made a historic trip to New York. I got to skip some of my final days in school to attend his evening prayer at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City for WPIX’s digital coverage.

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