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At my core, I’m a writer. On any given day I am the thesaurus and editor and AP stylebook for my team … and while no one lets me off the hook for being such a blatant writing geek, serving that role is one I’m most proud of.

However, the most fulfilling part of my job is covering “The View” for ABC News. In many ways, it’s just like my position at PIX 11. I’m covering any and all topics, from the most tawdry entertainment stories to breaking political developments. It’s fast-paced, tons of research is involved, and at many points, stressful as hell. I’m left to build out a story in the most beautiful and interesting way I can, on my own. I’m following through by researching, verbating, writing, publishing, offering and socializing every story myself.

Unlike my scrappy methods in local news, there are many steps of filtration where our wonderful editors, legal and standards teams approve work — and learning that protocol and chain of command has been a humbling and edifying experience for me.

Click below to read more about some of my favorite pieces…

I’ve never considered myself a political person. I sneered at the field through high school and college — while knowing where I stood on issues, I wasn’t very interested in opening political discussions — and then the 2016 election rolled in. I’m not sure there’s a person in the U.S. who could say they feel that kind indifference today. It has changed the landscape of our show, now splitting “The View” into eras before and after Trump. Before, our politics were edgy and controversial (and singular in the daytime market). After, our coverage of politics is exponentially more contentious — yet it has become the very crux of what makes us, us. For the first time, I was reading about politics before, during and after work just to keep up with the scandal and outrage — and that was essential in making my an overnight politics writer.

And what could define the Trump era better than the flashy, bold, (and fellow Manhasset-native) Anthony Scaramucci? Leaving office only 11 days after his appointment, no one can say covering his antics wasn’t a ride — at times enjoyable, and at others, terrifying. He stopped by “The View” and only afterwards, dropped the gem of saying he stood by Trump during the election because “he was going to win — I saw that.”

The main reason I love this story, however, is this paragraph:

“I went into the audience and started shaking hands with the people,” Scaramucci said. “People were desperate.”

“I’m going one person to the next, and it’s dawning on me — oh my god. The country is separating like in 1890 and 1912.”

Scaramucci was referring to two presidential election cycles where a powerful third party emerged as a result of polarized differences in political beliefs in America — in 1890, the Populist Party emerged as a result of economic strife, and in 1912, Democrat Woodrow Wilson beat Theodore Roosevelt with the Progressive Party.

That would be a perfect example of “omg a lot of freakin’ things happened in 1890 and 1912 how the hell am i going to figure out what specifically he’s talking about wtf” panic that frequently arises during interviews. (What can I say? We have incredibly intelligent guests and I can’t know everything.) In this instance, I enlisted the help of a dual Philosophy / History major. Thank GOD for that.

And how can we forget HRC? In her first daytime appearance, she discussed a plethora of topics ranging from election night to Comey’s letter and her post-political life. Girl’s got stamina and stayed for almost the entire show. It was a memorable process because it was the first time I worked directly with an editor to get the piece published and updated as the show went on, as in my breaking news days in the PIX11 newsroom. So imagine me, taking notes, getting ins and outs for Youtube and VOD, while also writing a story. CAKE!

Now, I’ve got a difficult job that challenges me every day, and I’m proud of the work I do. But there are three stories that places the pride in our show as a whole — pieces that really showcase the wonderful work this show has done and the incredible spirit of our staff. In that vein, I encourage you to watch these pieces yourself as my synopses simply won’t do them justice.

  • While previewing Sunny’s voyage to Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria, there was not a dry eye in the control room. Her story highlighted the absolute plight and struggle of the island without sufficient aid, but also highlighted the incredible resilience of the Puerto Rican people.
  • With the help of Homes For Our Troops, we have had a years-long relationship with the family of Retired Navy Petty Officer, Second Class Tim Birckhead. We’ve been able to help him and his family move to a home (built from the ground up!) specially-adapted for his progressive and incurable disability. Many of my friends on staff labored in the summer heat to fully furnish every room of this house.
  • Last but not least, I was truly touched by the story of three adorable track star girls and their single mom working to move past homelessness and into a brand new home, as well as scoring a spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids, and the cash to help fund their track team.

Easily my favorite entertainment story thus far, Gwendoline Christie (see Brienne of Tarth, Captain Phasma of Star Wars) was absolutely captivating while recounting the time Carrie Fisher’s dog decided to mosey into an interview and pass gas. First of all, I can’t even keep it together when I see Fisher on screen (goddamn you, Rogue One!) This memory from Christie was so honest and really captured who Fisher still is to her fans. The moment is made even more special because of Christie’s decades-long relationship with the self-saving princess. Oh just read it, it’s worth your while! (Side note: I was deadly sick that day and went home early. Did not even protest the idea that I would have to write this on the subway home. Thankfully, it all worked out well!)

I’ll never forget the time Kelly Clarkson retweeted my article to all twelve *cough cough* MILLION of her followers. I loved how absolutely candid she was about motherhood and family. And what could be more synonymous with pop culture than Kim K herself? She decided to stop by “The View” during her first press circuit following her harrowing Paris robbery to discuss her relationship with her stepdad, Caitlyn Jenner.



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