Enjoying “The View”

I have to say, “The View” has its perks.

Yes, you’re rubbing shoulders with the biggest in show biz every day, you’ve got great vacation time during the off-season and the staff is as smart and enthusiastic as can be.

This show has also brought me to some really remarkable places, plunging me into experiences I never thought I had signed up for. It’s been a strange and wonderful journey I’ve been on for (almost) two years now.

For example, as a not-a-fashion-person person, I attended my first-ever fashion show on a sweltering September night in 2016…

And what a one to attend. It was magic. There was booze and snacks and photobooths and beautiful fashionistas, on and off the runway.

… and I got to snap this cool photo of Gigi!

Not big on fashion and definitely could know more about the stage as well. 😅

The Tonys brought me behind the barricades, right up next to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, ScarJo and more! I absolutely loved it. Mostly for the red carpet because I just didn’t get anything else… but that’s fine. 😜

No one told me the dress code was black tie …………………

Oh, and did I mention I get to meet my idols?

The last time Biden was here, he was a sitting vice president. That day, he spoke about losing his son Beau and being there for his family in his son’s stead… ever since then, he was no ordinary politician — at least not to me. For the next year, I would gush about having him on our show (but not meeting him.)

Then, in our last week before Christmas hiatus I finally got the chance to sneak past his security. I was so nervous I initially addressed him as “Joe.” (Really.) He was so gracious about it and continued to talk with me and my partner, Candice, about everything from his black caucus approval ratings to proposing to his wife Jill *five* times. God, it was so surreal. He was so charming, and it was incredible how humble he was and how eager he was to shake hands and have a meaningful interaction with everyone he met.

Oh, and I met one of the most powerful Asian women in media. I was hype as hell to meet her and drafted a speech ahead, which of course came out as a garbled “thank you for what you do for Asian women, and women everywhere.” Alright, typed out it doesn’t sound so bad.

Pri has a crazy insane fan base, so where ever I post this pic it goes absolutely viral.           *fingers crossed* (Credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC Television)

Evidenced below.

Lots of great things happen behind the scenes at this show and I’m always thankful to catch little moments … like this one!

Troop 6000 is NYC’s first organized for homeless girls in the city — here, they’re watching themselves from the control room being surprised by the one and only Alessia Cara. They sang along at first and are singing along in this video as well. (Grab your tissues.)

Oh yeah, and one time my job brought me through Central Park after a huge snowstorm for a Facebook live.

Working at Disney, you hang out with Mickey a lot.


Speaking of the Mouse, did I mention we spent a whole week broadcasting from Disney World!?


My favorite people, the digital team.


Specifically, our table was at the base of the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom, and we stayed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. What an insane week. It called for 6 a.m. wakeups, drinking around the world in Epcot, freezing control room trailers, and attempting (wherever we could) to skip the lines with our Disney IDs. (Don’t tell on us.)


If anyone tells you that Expedition Everest doesn’t go backward, they’re DIRTY LIARS.


It’s been a helluva two years and I’ve learned so much. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.


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