Emmy. Nominated. (Part 1)

A little late on this … but I got nominated for an Emmy Award.

Off the bat, I want to say I recognize proportionately little of my own work brought me here. I put in work and the rest was luck and people who loved me, gave me a chance and lifted me up.

PIX11’s journo extraordinaire Rolando Pujol gave me a chance as a freshman in college (and no background in journalism) to work with the finest journalists in local news, including Jeremy Tanner, Samantha Tata, Andrea Cavallier and Myles Miller … to name a few. They taught me everything I know about writing. Arthur Chi’en let me tag along on live shots. Kenton Young showed me the artistry of videography. Tony Gatto showed me the ropes of newsgathering. Obviously, I’m missing people — you know who you are. I am so thankful for you.

But let’s back up — where would I be if my parents didn’t immigrate to New York while still in grade school, working long nights to take care of their siblings, graduate despite not being fluent in English, then onto NYU and Columbia? Where would I be if they didn’t give me a comfortable childhood and send me to NYU? The privilege is not lost on me, and for that, I owe Winnie Chung and James Yang everything.

It’s fitting that my first Emmy nomination is for team coverage. A team, a whole village, of friends, family and loved ones got me to where I am today. If you ever took a chance on me, believed in me … thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you want to read more about the story I’m nominated for, I wrote a blog post about it and included a few more love notes to people I’ll always be indebted to: CLICK HERE

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