Women in the World

I’m a feminist. It’s not such a scary word! I believe women should have equal opportunities to achieve happiness and success as men do. No, I don’t hate men. 😒

As we (women) take steps forward (and some steps back) in the political, economic, social, etc. realms of the world, I am dedicated to giving attention to this journey.

Feminism needs intersectionality: that means paying attention to women of color, immigrant women, LGBT women, short women, tall women, women with money, women without money, (need I go on?) And representation is important. Just ask Teyonah Parris:

Here are some news stories I’ve written on this topic (click the images to expand):

Barbie makes a Zendaya doll.

Barbie makes dolls with different body types.

American Girl makes a Black doll with a Civil Rights narrative.

Plus size KWEEN Ashley Graham slays everything during fashion week.


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