Breaking News

The change in tone of an assignment editor’s voice when news breaks can give me a rush similar to going over the peak of a roller coaster and looking straight down.

It’s a challenge. Web producers like me need to decide what information is trustworthy, what photos the station can use, prioritize what information to publish, how, and on what platforms — within seconds. Then, carry it all out, quickly and accurately … and don’t get sued.

To see stories I covered at the scene, click HERE.

Here are some breaking news stories I covered (click to expand the images):

NYC crane collapse: 1 killed, 3 injured after massive crane crashes onto cars; it was ‘like an earthquake’

Security officer and shooter killed inside federal building in West Village.

23-year-old American student among 129 dead in Paris attacks

Stolen Ashley Madison user data published online by hackers ‘Impact Team’

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